Web Data Mining – Why Use It

Web Data mining involves the use of data mining techniques to discover and understand user usage pattern from the World Wide Web in order to better understand customer needs as well business growth. It also aims to discover useful information and knowledge from Web hyperlinks, page contents, and user usage data.

Web Data mining is classified into 5 tasks.

  • Summarization: it is the abstraction of data.
  • Classification: It is the derivation of a function or model of an object based on its attributes.
  • Clustering: It is the identification of classes, groups or a set of unknown objects.
  • Association: It is the discovery of togetherness or object connection.
  • Trend analysis: Study of series of data accumulated over time.

Uses of Web Data Mining

Web Data Mining is used in business areas like sales or marketing, banking, insurance, healthcare, transportation, and medicine. It helps to discover patterns in data in order to make better business decisions. This valuable data can be used to identify sales trends and to develop marketing strategies. It can also be used to predict customer loyalty for a specific brand.

Why do companies use it?

As stated, web data mining uses techniques to extract data from the world wide web using analytics tools and services. Today, the internet has become the ground zero where business takes place. Starting from sales to marketing, everything is done online and therefore it is crucial to know what is happening on the web.

Companies like Amazon and Flipkart well know the uses of web data mining and it is proficiently used as well. By tracking how customers spend and what product attracts them, these companies decide where to advance their marketing strategies.

There are loads of information that can be extracted with web data mining. Users leave a footprint while they surf online, this is commonly referred to as the cyber footprint. This includes the websites visited, items searched, ads opened and lots more. By utilizing this “footprint” companies like Google understand better which ads to show. The Ads present online are an essential part of the web business, and by understanding web usage patterns, these ads are crafted according to the user.

Companies use this online footprint to know and understand the audience better. They filter users according to the data extracted through web data mining. This can be seen as a filter which helps to screen desirable users with the non-interested ones.

In a nutshell 

Most companies uses the web data mining because of the following:

Setting business solution and profits: Data mining provide certain benefits to the business like cost reduction, business expansion, sales and marketing and profitability of the business

Expansion of business: Every country wants to expand their business to attract new business. Using customer data, companies can better decide the future of products and can strategize better.

By using data mining tools for web, companies can better understand the market trends and can better foresee upcoming disruptions. This data provide valuable customer needs which can then be used by companies to develop products or market existing products in a better way.