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What is Store location Data?

Store location Data is the collected data related to the locations of different stores that are spread throughout in a particular area. The area may cover the entire country, a city, state or particular region. This kind of information is mostly sought by professionals who are part of a local or national Government Set Up or any Business Organisation when they are planning to venture at any location they are not familiar with. Store location Data provides useful information that business personals might need when they are shifting or expanding their operating locations. This data can help them save a lot of money and time which is invested when searching for the right chain store locations.

Importance of Store Location Data

Let’s suppose you want to open up a few branch stores in a particular or relocate your business from one city to another. For such task, you will need to come up with a reliable plan that is only possible when you have informative and reliable

Store Locations
Store Locations

data. For collecting such data you will need to do thorough research and analysis of different stores (coming under the same niche) that are already operating in these locations. You will need information regarding their performance, their market share, merchandising and their competitors as well. These type of data helps in competitive analysis, market research, logistic analysis and analysis of costs that will incur in various operations by relocation and branching of your store.

How we can help you?

Working manually on each store and researching on their data is not possible, so you can rely on a good store locator website that has already done most of the work for you. But still, with tonnes of information on these websites, filtering information can be a lengthy and tedious task. ITSYS Solutions can provide you relevant data in Excel, CSV or any other spreadsheet format that is suitable for you. All you have to do is provide us with the location and your business field (such as retail, hotel industry, manufacturing etc.) Our team will do the web-scraping of the store locator websites and provide you with precise and specific details in your choice of spreadsheet format.

Mostly people who are running a sound business usually struggle with the decision to choose right store locations for their business expansion. In addition, it is a risky decision because a wrong choice can hamper your business growth. Opening branch stores and relocation of existing stores consumes a lot of working capital. Here, our team at ITSYS solutions can provide you with the relevant data that will be in a specific, easily understandable and a structured format. Such data will give you details about existing stores in that location such as their company name, contact details, products and services they provide etc.; possible sales leads in that specific location and locations that will be beneficial plus suitable for your business growth.