Competitive Price Intelligence

The success of an organization hinges on responding to what the competition throws at it and how it responds to it. Web is a storehouse of information. Mushrooming of e-commerce and e-tailing portals has transformed the consumer’s purchasing behavior and information that once the domain of a selected few i.e. the manufacturers and retailers, is now available to consumers, channel distribution partners and even competitors. They have complete insight into the product, pricing, logistics and customer opinion. This has turned the pricing and product intelligence upside down. Thus challenge now is to have timely access to accurate competitive information and analyze it as quickly as possible to take appropriate action. This requires access to real-time competitive intelligence data for effective product positioning so as to

1. Increase sales and boost profitability by supporting dynamic pricing

2. Ensure price parity by monitoring for flash sales and unauthorized discounting

3. Adjust product strategy and launches by monitoring trends and views on social media, public forums, groups etc.

4. Take remedial action by gauging product pricing, reviews, and peer comparisons across distribution channels

Web data scraping and monitoring solutions from ITSYS Solutions will in real-time provide you with competitive price intelligence data from multiple sources with 100% accuracy ensuring that you’re among the first to know about your competitor’s pricing and product changes.