Business Intelligence advantage by web scraping data

In current business environment, trade barriers no longer exist and the logistics costs are down. Goods are manufactured at places with minimum cost of production and transported all over the world. The demand for products varies geographically and is price sensitive. In these circumstances, it is imperative to have the following information for business to grow

  • Demand for products across different geographies;
  • Acceptable prices for products by consumers;
  • Availability and pricing of the raw materials and components;
  • Pricing and product descriptions of similar products from competitors;
  • Location and size of markets of a product of different competitors

With fast pace of innovations, a product in high demand can quickly become obsolete within a couple of years or maybe in some instances, a few months. In this scenario, doing business requires having intelligence information.

We at ITSYS Solutions specialize in web scraping and provide “hosted” competitor business monitoring & intelligence solutions. Since 2006 Web Scrapinghave scraped thousands of websites providing our clients from North America and Europe with data in formats as per their requirement. Our “hosted” web scraping services will capture the data anonymously and non-intrusively. For more details on how we can help your business, please feel free to contact us with your web data extraction project requirement and our executives will revert back to you.